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Taleigo, fabric patchwork bag

I have available at my Etsy shop traditional Taleigos, fabric bags.

Taleigos are very traditional in Portugal.

Nowadays they are getting again more noticed due to the awareness on the negativity of single use plastics. They present a perfect alternative, reusable, washable, durable, sustainable and very pretty.

I´ll tell you a bit of their history.

Talêgos are  Portuguese traditional fabric bags used for food, storage.

Taleigos, or in some regions Talêgo, are multicoloured bags in a big variety of sizes. traditionally made by women with leftover fabric from clothes making such as skirts, blouses and even recycling of old clothes.

They were used to carry whatever was needed, its was common to own several.

One for groceries, one for bread, another for grain (dry chickpeas, beans, grain, etc).

Smaller Taleigos were also used to store money or seeds.

These small Taleigos were also used in drawers, cabinets and trunks, being filled up with lavender, to deter moths, flies, mosquitoes and other bugs.

Big Taleigos were made to store the more delicate garnments in ones closet, drawers.

(information adapted and translated from

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